Coe Elementary


Directions and Map

Directions and Map to Frantz Coe Elementary

2424 7th Ave W., Seattle, WA 98119

Morning Drop-Off: To keep everyone safe and on schedule, please adhere to the following: 7th Ave (West) Side of Coe:  
No parking or drop-off on the 7th Ave side.  This area is reserved for school

6th Ave (East) Side of  Coe: Try to drop your child off at least 5 minutes before the bell rings. The traffic peaks just prior to the start of school.

  • Approach the loading area only from the North.
  • The loading zone on the 6th Ave is reserved for active drop-offs only.
  • Remain in the queue until your car has moved into the marked loading zone (turn-out).
  • Drop the students off only when inside the turn-out area. Do not drop your child off in the areas leading up to the loading zone….wait in the queue and unload when it is your turn.
  • Students, staff and/or parents are often available to open the car doors to speed the process. Please follow their instructions.
  • Once unloaded, remain in the queue until the car ahead of you has pulled back into traffic….this is a safety issue and serves to speed up the unloading process.

Never park in the loading zone during drop-off. If you need to bring your child into the building, deliver a forgotten lunch, etc., please park in the neighborhood (not in the loading zone) and come into the building. Afternoon Pick-Up:  No parking on West side (7th Avenue) due to buses.  Please park in the neighborhood and walk in.Our goal is to keep our students safe and to have an efficient and respectful school.