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    I am delighted to be the Kearns Librarian at Franz H. Coe Elementary School, where I  have been a member of the community as a volunteer, tutor, and instructional assistant for thirteen years.  Collaborating with classroom teachers on library lessons and talking to students about books are just a couple of the great things about my job.  I have a Masters in Teaching with a library endorsement from Seattle Pacific University, an MBA from Boston University, and a BA in Literature and Classics from Wheaton College.  Outside school I enjoy walking with my husband and our dog around Queen Anne, and looking for the next great book for the Kearns Library.  (Look for me at the Queen Anne Library!)  My daughter, Katherine, is a Coe alumna and a freshman at Wellesley College.

    Helpful Coe Library Information:

    • Students in grade 1 check out two library books at a time. Grade 2 - 3 books, Grade 3 – four books, Grade 4 – five books and Grade 5 – six books. Kindergarten kids check out one book.
    • All books are checked out for two weeks and can be renewed.
    • If any title is not currently on the shelves, students can request a “hold”, which will put them next in line for the book.
    • If you have accidently returned a Coe Library book to the Seattle Public Library, let us know and we will arrange for the student to continue to check out titles. The book will eventually return to our library in four to six weeks.
    • Books that have been lost or severely damaged need to have the replacement cost met by the student’s family.
    • Parents can get their own library account and check out materials on their own.
    • Volunteers are always welcome.
    • Over 10,000 unique titles in our collection