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    Type to Learn 4: Directions for Home Use

    Type to Learn 4 now available to Coe Families for students in grades 2-5

    Our school has purchased the rights that allow your child to download a copy of Type To Learn 4 or “TTL4” for home use. The instructions listed below, from Sunburst Digital, enable you to get your own copy of the program.
    Once you have downloaded the file (about 1 gigabyte) use the account code  136198 to launch the program. Your child has an individual logon and password, which they were given in school that they will need to as the individual user. 99% of the time the student's username is the first initial of their first name and their entire last name (ex: acox).  The password is ALWAYS student.  

    For help with problems logging in please contact the technology teacher, Ashley Cox, at
    The program at home works the same way it does at school. The student is building typing skills in areas of speed and accuracy through a series of games and lessons. The user progresses up the “ranks” as their skills expand. The metaphor of a trainee, a futuristic communicator, an “Agent of Information” is employed to engage the students.  Students must complete each lesson and/or assessment before they can progress to the next lesson. Since TTL4 is cloud based your child’s progress at home will sync with their level of activity in TTL4 at school.
    In addition there are help prompts available in the program for support and more information at:

    The following link allows you to download TTL4 on your home computer;

           Windows Users:
    Once you have entered the link above into a web browser you will select the “Windows MSI” file under “Full Versions”. “Full TTL4 v1.2.1 Application MSI - WIN - Web Version (1.01GB)”. Choose “SAVE” rather than “OPEN” or “RUN”. Double-click the file when it has completed downloading and wait until it finishes installing. Once installed, launch the program by clicking the “Type to Learn 4” icon on your desktop.
           Mac Users:
    Once you have entered the link above into a web browser, other than “Safari”, you will scroll down to “Full Versions” and select the “Full TTL4 Application - Mac - Web Version v1.2.1 (944.65MB)” file. These files are zipped and should automatically unpack on almost all OSX operating systems. Launch the installer by double-clicking on the contained file in your ‘downloads’ or ‘documents’ folder. The contained files will be in MPKG format for installation to the Mac OS.
    When you first open the program enter your username and password.  Then enter the following account code.