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    A - Z, Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels

    At Coe, we use the Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, A – Z, to help students read books which are appropriate for their reading level. These levels are the same ones your primary students have seen and used with the classroom libraries all year. Currently, most of the Coe library books are identified with a Fountas and Pinnell level when you use the electronic card catalog and look up the book.

    You can also use the Scholastic Book Wizard to look up a book's Fountas and Pinnel level.

    Click on your child's reading level below to be taken to a list of books found at the Seattle Public Library.

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Level A

    Book Title - Author

    Have You Seen My Duckling? - Tafuri

    Do You Want to Be My Friend? - Carle

    Jan Has a Doll - Earl

    What Can I Be? - Meister

    Growing Colors - McMillan

    Eating Apples - Saunders-Smith

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    Level B

    Book Title - Author

    On Market Street - Lobel

    Growing Vegetable Soup - Ehlert

    Let’s Go Visiting - Williams

    Rick is Sick - McPhail

    Hoptoad - Yolen

    I Like Stars - Wise-Brown

    Car Wash Kid - Fishman

    A Lunch With Punch - Kittinger

    Field Day - Jones

    Game Day - Barber

    Ollie - Dunrea

    I Can Ski! - Jones

    Have You Seen My Cat? - Carle

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    Level C

    Book Title - Author

    Mice Squeak, We Speak - Shapiro

    Bathtime for Biscuit - Capucilli

    Biscuit Visits the Big City - Capucilli

    Cat Games - Ziefert

    A Rainbow of My Own - Freeman

    Tiny Goes to the Library - Meister

    Scat, Cats! - Holub

    Zara’s Hats - Meisel

    Big Pig and Little Pig - McPhail

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear - Martin

    Flying - Crews

    I Went Walking - Williams

    We Have A Baby - Falwell

    Yo! Yes? - Raschka

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    Level D

    Book Title - Author

    Pumpkin Heads - Minor

    Good Night, Gorilla - Rathmann

    From Head to Toe - Carle

    My Car - Barton

    Ready, Set, Go! - Stadler

    Tiny the Snow Dog - Meister

    Hide and Snake - Baker

    Feathers for Lunch - Ehlert

    Sit, Truman! - Harper

    Quack and Count - Baker

    Bears in the Night - Berenstain

    Dirty Larry - Hamsa

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    Level E

    Book Title - Author

    Go, Dog, Go! - Eastman

    Inside, Outside, Upside Down - Berenstain

    The Foot Book - Seuss

    Where’s Spot? - Hill

    Feast for 10 - Falwell

    The Happy Egg - Kraus

    The Ear Book - Perkins

    It Looked like Spilt Milk - Shaw

    Cat’s Colors - Cabrera

    The Pocket Dogs - Wild

    Today Is Monday - Carle

    Millions of Snowflakes - Siddals

    Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed - Christelow

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    Level F

    Book Title - Author

    Biscuit and the Baby - Capucilli

    Loose Tooth - Schaefer

    Rosie’s Walk - Hutchins

    The Lady with the Alligator Purse - Westcott

    Who Will Be My Friends? - Hoff

    Read to your Bunny - Wells

    Biscuit - Capucilli

    Biscuit Finds A Friend - Capucilli

    Dragon Gets By - Pilkey

    Across the Stream - Ginsburg

    Are You My Mommy? - Dijs

    Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox - Maccarone

    Biscuit Visits the Big City - Capucilli

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    Level G

    Book Title - Author

    The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat - Karlin

    Mine’s the Best - Bonsall

    Sheep in a Jeep - Shaw

    Spot’s First Walk - Hill

    Ten Sleepy Sheep - Root

    The Carrot Seed - Krauss

    Titch - Hutchins

    The Snowball - Armstrong

    The Little Red Hen - Zeifert

    My Friends - Gomi

    The 100thDay of School - O’Connor

    The Day I Had to Play with My Sister - Bonsall

    The Deep Blue Sea - Wood

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    Level H

    Book Title - Author

    Morris the Moose - Wiseman

    Danny and the Dinosaur - Hoff

    Sammy the Seal - Hoff

    Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur! - Hoff

    A Kiss for Little Bear - Minarik

    Little Critter Sleeps Over - Mayer

    Old Hat, New Hat - Berenstain

    The ABC Bunny - Gág

    Count! - Fleming

    Ten, Nine, Eight - Bang

    Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch - Rylant

    Hi! Fly Guy - Arnold

    Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp - Hoff

    George Shrinks - Joyce

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    Level I

    Book Title - Author

    Are You My Mother? - Eastman

    Dragon’s Fat Cat - Pilkey

    Fix-it - McPhail

    Go Away, Dog - Nodset

    Just Grandma and Me - Mayer

    Mrs. Brice’s Mice - Hoff

    My Best Friend - Hutchins

    The Napping House - Wood

    The Little Fish That Got Away - Cook

    Noisy Nora - Wells

    Shoo, Fly Guy! - Arnold

    Barney’s Horse - Hoff

    Grizzwold - Hoff

    The Lighthouse Children - Hoff

    Small Pig - Lobel

    Stanley - Hoff

    Who’s Afraid of the Dark? - Bonsall

    Arthur Lost in the Museum - Brown

    Big Dog—Little Dog - Eastman

    Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - De Groat

    The Trek - Jonas

    The First Day of Winter - Fleming

    Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch - Rylant

    The Quilt - Jonas

    Apples and Pumpkins - Rockwell

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl - Arnold

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    Level J

    Book Title - Author

    Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain - Aardema

    Clifford the Big Red Dog (series) - Bridwell

    Curious George (series) - Rey

    Detective Dinosaur Undercover - Skofield

    Going West - Wilder

    Green Eggs and Ham - Seuss

    Harry and the Lady Next Door - Zion

    Henry and Mudge (series) - Rylant

    Little Bear (series) - Minarik

    Mouse Soup - Lobel

    Mr. Putter & Tabby (series) - Rylant

    Peter’s Chair - Keats

    Poppleton (series) - Rylant

    The Cat in the Hat - Seuss

    Great Day for Up! - Seuss

    Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - Perkins

    Hop on Pop - Seuss

    I Can Read with My Eyes Shut - Seuss

    Little Black: A Pony - Farley

    Sam and the Firefly - Eastman

    Addie’s Bad Day - Robins

    Aunt Eater Loves A Mystery - Cushman

    Don’t Be My Valentine - Lexau

    The Fire Cat - Averill

    The Doorbell Rang - Hutchins

    The Wind Blew - Hutchins

    The Snowy Day - Keats

    The Dumb Bunnies (series) - Pilkey

    Aggie and Ben - Ries

    Bugs for Lunch - Facklam

    Flower Garden - Bunting

    Froggy Learns to Swim - London

    Little Quack’s New Friend - Thompson

    Messy Bessey’s Family Reunion - McKissack

    The Popcorn Shop - Low

    The Rain Came Down - Shannon

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    Level K

    Book Title - Author

    Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle - Jacobson

    Arthur’s Funny Money - Hoban

    Commander Toad (series) - Yolen

    Frog and Toad (series) - Lobel

    It’s Halloween - Prelutsky

    The Golly Sisters (series) - Byars

    Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat - Miller

    Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog - Miller

    Arthur’s Baby - Brown

    A Baby Sister for Frances - Hoban

    Bedtime for Frances - Hoban

    The Best Way to Play - Cosby

    Bread and Jam for Frances - Hoban

    Inch by Inch - Lionni

    Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie - Roop

    Knuffle Bunny - Willems

    Pierre - Sendak

    A Pocket for Corduroy - Freeman

    Sheila Rae, the Brave - Henkes

    The Teacher from the Black Lagoon - Thaler

    Ruby the Copycat - Rathmann

    A Know-Nothing Birthday - Spirn

    The Know-Nothings (series) - Spirn

    Lulu Goes to Witch School - O’Connor

    Silly Tilly’s Valentine - Hoban

    Snowshoe Thompson - Levinson

    Zack’s Alligator and the First Snow - Mozelle

    Zack’s Alligator Goes to School - Mozelle

    Andy Shane is NOT in Love - Jacobson

    Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick - Jacobson

    A Letter to Amy - Keats

    Earl the Squirrel - Freeman

    On My Way to Buy Eggs - Chen

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    Level L

    Book Title - Author

    Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother Oliver- Van Leeuwen

    Hungry, Hungry Sharks - Cole

    Little Rat Rides - Bang-Campbell

    Pinky and Rex (series) - Howe

    Ricky Ricotta’s Might Robot (series) - Pilkey

    Whistle for Willie - Keats

    Amelia Bedelia Under Construction - Parish

    The Big Orange Splot - Pinkwater

    Cam Jansen and the Secret Service Mystery - Adler

    Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise - Kline

    The Subway Mouse - Reid

    Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia - Parish

    Chang’s Paper Pony - Coerr

    Young Cam Jansen and the Circus Mystery - Adler

    Don’t Sit on My Lunch! - Klein

    First Day Jitters - Danneberg

    Football Friends - Marzollo

    Jonathan and His Mommy - Smalls

    Abigail the Breeze Fairy - Meadows

    One Smart Goose - Church

    Six-dinner Sid - Moore

    Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon - Lovell

    The Subway Mouse - Reid

    Whales Passing - Bunting

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    Level M

    Book Title - Author

    Freckle Juice - Blume

    Judy Moody Declares Independence - McDonald

    Junie B. Jones (series) - Park

    Magic Tree House (series) - Osborne

    Marvin Redpost (series) - Sachar

    Molly’s Pilgrim - Cohen

    Stanley, Flat Again! (series) - Brown

    Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid - McDonald

    The Littles (series) - Peterson

    The One in the Middles is the Green Kangaroo - Blume

    Special Gifts - Rylant

    The Bears’ Picnic - Berenstain

    Blue Ribbon Blues - Spinelli

    Buffalo before Breakfast - Osborne

    Night of the Ninjas - Osborne

    Dear Juno - Pak

    Stuart Goes to School - Pennypacker

    Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots - Dadey

    Beany (not Beanhead) and the Magic Crystal - Wojciechowski

    Ivy + Bean Bound to be Bad - Barrows

    Cherries and Cherry Pits - Williams

    Clues in the Woods - Parish

    Don’t Forget the Bacon! - Hutchins

    A Little Shopping - Rylant

    Bink & Gollie (series) - DiCamillo

    A. Lincoln and Me - Borden

    Abe Lincoln’s Hat - Brenner

    Boundless Grace - Hoffman

    Chester’s Way - Henkes

    Dancing with the Indians - Medearis

    Mermaids Don’t Run Track - Dadey

    Wings - Meyer

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    Level N

    Book Title - Author

    Gooney Bird and the Room Mother - Lowry

    Chicken Sunday - Polacco

    My Father’s Dragon - Gannett

    The Panda Puzzle (A-Z Mysteries) - Roy

    The While Wolf (A-Z Mysteries) - Roy

    Helen Keller’s Teacher - Davidson

    I Lost My Tooth in Africa - Diakité

    Max Malone the Magnificent - Herman

    Mice and Beans - Ryan

    Rain Forest - Cowcher

    The Jaguar’s Jewel (A-Z Mysteries) - Roy

    The Kidnapped King (A-Z Mysteries) - Roy

    Pioneer Cat - Hooks

    Blizzard of the Blue Moon - Osborne

    Crab Moon - Horowitz

    Fireworks at the FBI - Roy

    A Glass Slipper for Rosie - Giff

    Hey, New Kid! - Duffey

    I Was A Third Grade Science Project - Auch

    The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! - Magoon

    Zen Shorts - uth

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    Level O

    Book Title - Author

    The King’s Equal - Patterson

    Smasher - King-Smith

    The Boxcar Children - Warner

    Deserts - Gibbons

    Mieko and the Fifth Treasure - Coerr

    Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (series) - MacDonald

    Ramona (series) - Cleary

    Skinnybones - Park

    Almost Starring Skinnybones - Park

    Happy New Year, Mallory! - Friedman

    I Am A Dancer - Collins

    Amber Brown Goes Fourth - Danziger

    Beezus and Ramona - Cleary

    Clementine - Pennypacker

    Danger on Midnight River - Paulsen

    Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes - Sachar

    Great Joy - DiCamillo

    Jake Drake Bully Buster - Clements

    Lucy Rose Big on Plans - Kelly

    Make A Wish, Molly - Cohen

    One Green Apple - Bunting

    Sable - Hesse

    Wolfman Sam - Levy

    Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House - Stilton

    Eleven Kids, One Summer - Martin

    Pancakes for Supper! - Isaacs

    You Can’t Taste A Pickle With Your Ear - Ziefert

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    Level P

    Book Title - Author

    Encyclopedia Brown (series) - Sobol

    Fantastic Mr. Fox - Dahl

    The Dragon of Doom - Coville

    Martin’s Mice - King-Smith

    The Magic School Bus (series) - Cole

    Sideways Stories from Wayside School - Sachar

    Stone Fox - Gardiner

    The Hundred Dresses - Estes

    Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear - Namioka

    Zooman Sam - Lowry

    The Adventures of Captain Underpants - Pilkey

    2095 - Scieszka

    Knights of the Kitchen Table - Scieszka

    The In-between Days - Bunting

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    Level Q

    Book Title - Author

    Anastasia Krupnik - Lowry

    Bunnicula: A Ribbit-tale of Mystery - Howe

    Dear Mr. Henshaw - Cleary

    Fudge-a-mania - Blume

    James and the Giant Peach - Dahl

    Superfudge - Blume

    Little House in the Big Woods (series) - Wilder

    By the Shores of Silver Lake - Wilder

    Little House on the Prairie - Wilder

    Mr. Popper’s Penguins - Atwater

    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - Blume

    There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom - Sachar

    Just Juice - Hesse

    If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon - Levine

    Grandpa’s Face - Greenfield

    The Cuckoo Child - King-Smith

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    Level R

    Book Title - Author

    Because of Winn-Dixie - DiCamillo

    Frindle - Clements

    The Family Under the Bridge - Carlson

    The Great Kapok Tree - Cherry

    The Trumpet of the Swan - White

    Charlotte’s Web - White

    Freaky Friday - Rodgers

    Sarah, Plain and Tall - MacLachlan

    Skylark - MacLachlan

    Stuart Little - White

    Brian’s Winter - Paulsen

    Hatchet - Paulsen

    The River - Paulsen

    Shiloh - Naylor

    Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes - Coerr

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Dahl

    The Witches - Dahl

    Every Living Thing - Rylant

    Caddie Woodlawn - Brink

    How to Eat Fried Worms - Rockwell

    The Landry News - Clements

    Snow Treasure - McSwigan

    The Whipping Boy - Fleischman

    Ace, The Very Important Pig - King-Smith

    Babe, The Gallant Pig - King-Smith

    The Celery Stalks at Midnight - Howe

    The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa - Wallace

    The Bracelet - Uchida

    Fire in the Sky - Ransom

    A Jar of Dreams - Uchida

    More Perfect than the Moon - MacLachlan

    Our Only May Amelia - Holm

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    Level S

    Book Title - Author

    From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - Konigsburg

    Poppy - Avi

    One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest - George

    The Pinballs - Byars

    The Cybil War - Byars

    The Star Fisher - Yep

    A Taste of Blackberries - Smith

    Lily’s Crossing - Giff

    The Great Gilly Hopkins - Paterson

    In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson - Lord

    Letters from Rifka - Hesse

    All Alone in the Universe - Perkins

    Matilda - Dahl

    The Twits - Dahl

    A Boy Called Slow - Bruchac

    The Borrowers - Norton

    The Cricket in Times Square - Selden

    One-eyed Cat - Fox

    The Houdini Box - Selznick

    Louisa - McDonough

    Melonhead - Kelly

    Blister - Shreve

    Hot Hand - Lupica

    The Lemonade War - Davies

    Brave Irene - Steig

    Bud, Not Buddy - Curtis

    Ereth’s Birthday - Avi

    The Good Dog - Avi

    Mississippi Bridge - Taylor

    A Drop of Water - Wick

    The Young Man and the Sea - Philbrick

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    Level T

    Book Title - Author

    Leon’s Story - Tillage

    Darby - Fuqua

    Chasing Vermeer - Balliett

    A Light in the Storm - Hesse

    Lightning - Simon

    The Secret Life of Amanda K. Woods - Cameron

    The Wright 3 - Balliett

    Bridge to Terabithia - Paterson

    Harriet, the Spy - Fitzhugh

    The Black Stallion - Farley

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - Lewis

    Sing Down the Moon - O’Dell

    The Sign of the Beaver - Speare

    Blubber - Blume

    The Children of Green Knowe - Boston

    Danny, the Champion of the World - Dahl

    George Washington’s Socks - Woodruff

    The Tiger Rising - DiCamillo

    The Well: David’s Story - Taylor

    Babe and Me - Gutman

    Bright Shadow - Avi

    Dove Isabeau - Yolen

    The Islander - Rylant

    Angels and Other Strangers - Paterson

    Cousins - Hamilton

    Love That Dog - Creech

    A Summer to Die - Lowry

    Deep Down Popular - Stone

    It Only Looks Easy - Swallow

    Surviving the Applewhites - Tolan

    Visiting a Village - Kalman

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    Level U

    Book Title - Author

    Ella Enchanted - Levine

    Julie - George

    Julie’s Wolf Pack - George

    The Talking Earth - George

    Wringer - Spinelli

    Loser - Spinelli

    Number the Stars - Lowry

    The Tale of Despereaux - DiCamillo

    The View from Saturday - Konigsburg

    Tangerine - Bloor

    The BFG - Dahl

    The Book of Three - Alexander

    Ginger Pye - Estes

    How Angel Peterson Got His Name - Paulsen

    Mr. Tucket - Paulsen

    Nothing but the Truth - Avi

    The Summer of the Swans - Byars

    The Watsons go to Birmingham—1963 - Curtis

    The Wizard of Oz - Baum

    Words by Heart - Sebestyen

    Bystander - Preller

    Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade - Gantos

    Spellbinder - Stringer

    Bad, Badder, Baddest - Voigt

    The Big Field - Lupica

    Crazy Lady! - Conly

    The 13thFloor: A Ghost Story - Fleischman

    The Magician’s Elephant - DiCamillo

    Midnight Magic - Avi

    A Single Shard - Park

    Eggs - Spinelli

    Eleven - Giff

    The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt - MacLachlan

    The Graduation of Jake Moon - Park

    Lily B. on the Brink of Love - Kimmel

    The Danger Box - Balliett

    The Girl with the Silver Eyes - Roberts

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    Level V

    Book Title - Author

    The Bad Beginning - Snicket

    Kensuke’s Kingdom - Morpurgo

    Fairest - Levine

    Anne of Green Gables - Montgomery

    The Ersatz Elevator - Snicket

    The Hostile Hospital - Snicket

    The Music of Dolphins - Hesse

    The Thief Lord - Funke

    Absolutely Normal Chaos - Creech

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone - Rowling

    Holes - Sachar

    Lyddie - Paterson

    Old Yeller - Gipson

    Silent to the Bone - Konigsburg

    Soldier’s Heart - Paulsen

    Tuck Everlasting - Babbitt

    The Westing Game - Raskin

    Alice in Wonderland - Carroll

    Black Star, Bright Dawn - O’Dell

    Call Me Francis Tucket - Paulsen

    Esperanza Rising - Ryan

    Dogsong - Paulsen

    The Fighting Ground - Avi

    A Year down Younder - Peck

    The Incredible Journey - Burnford

    Island of the Blue Dolphins - O’Dell

    A Long Way from Chicago - Peck

    Pictures of Hollis Woods - Giff

    Stargirl - Spinelli

    The Brain Finds a Leg - Chatterton

    Autumn Street - Lowry

    Brady - Fritz

    SOS Titanic - Bunting

    The Teacher’s Funeral - Peck

    Gossamer - Lowry

    Many Waters - L’Engle

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh - O’Brien

    A Wind in the Door - L’Engle

    As Ever, Gordy - Hahn

    The Ballad of Lucy Whipple - Cushman

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    Level W

    Book Title - Author

    Freak the Mighty - Philbrick

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Rowling

    Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince - Rowling

    Inkheart - Funke

    The Lightning Thief - Riordan

    Tales Mummies Tell - Lauber

    Child of the Owl - Yep

    Dragonwings - Yep

    The House on Mango Street - Cisneros

    Maniac Magee - Spinelli

    Missing May - Rylant

    The Phantom Tollbooth - Juster

    Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Taylor

    Slam! - Myers

    Walk Two Moons - Creech

    Coraline - Gaiman

    Crispin: The End of Time - Avi

    Hoot - Hiaasen

    Meet the Austins - L’Engle

    Nightjohn - Paulsen

    Running Out of Time - Haddix

    Seedfolks - Fleischman

    A Solitary Blue - Voigt

    Stowaway - Hesse

    The Witch of Blackbird Pond - Speare

    A Wrinkle in Time - L’Engle

    Jack’s Black Book - Gantos

    The Castle of Llyr - Alexander

    Indigo’s Star - McKay

    Buffalo Hunt - Freedman

    Easter Island - Arnold

    Paper Daughter - Ingold

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    Level X

    Book Title - Author

    Jacob Have I Loved - Paterson

    The Midwife’s Apprentice - Cushman

    Girl in a Cage - Yolen

    The Glory Field - Myers

    Out of the Dust - Hesse

    Where the Red Fern Grows - Rawls

    Dicey’s Song - Voigt

    Gathering Blue - Lowry

    A Girl Named Disaster - Farmer

    Homesick, My Own Story - Fritz

    Hoops - Myers

    Let the Circle Be Unbroken - Taylor

    The Master Puppeteer - Paterson

    The Dark Is Rising - Cooper

    Greenwitch - Cooper

    Over Sea, Under Stone - Cooper

    Journey to the Center of the Earth - Verne

    Catherine, Called Birdy - Cushman

    The Little Prince - Saint-Exupéry

    The Yearling - Rawlings

    Cookie - Wilson

    The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg - Philbrick

    Dragon’s Blood - Yolen

    Peter and the Starcatchers - Barry

    The Sea of Trolls - Farmer

    Al Capone Does My Shirts - Choldenko

    Ghost Canoe - Hobbs

    Katarína - Winter

    Matilda Bone - Cushman

    Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye - Lowry

    M.C. Higgins, the Great - Hamilton

    Novio Boy - Soto

    The Postcard - Abbott

    Dragon’s Heart - Yolen

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    Level Y

    Book Title - Author

    Favorite Greek Myths - Osbourne

    My Brother Sam is Dead - Collier

    The Endless Steppe - Hautzig

    The Giver - Lowry

    When Zachary Beaver Came to Town - Holt

    Anne Frank - Frank

    Bull Run - Fleischman

    Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff - Myers

    Where the Lilies Bloom - Cleaver

    White Fang - London

    A Corner of the Universe - Martin

    Just Ella - Haddix

    The Light in the Forest - Richter

    The Slave Dancer - Fox

    Watership Down - Adams

    The Silent Boy - Lowry

    A Family Secret - Heuvel

    Whirligig - Fleischman

    Jacob’s Rescue - Drucker

    Love from your Friend, Hannah - Skolsky

    Milkweed - Spinelli

    Rodzina - Cushman

    Yankee Girl - Rodman

    Eragon - Paolini

    Here There Be Dragons - Yolen

    Here There Be Witches - Yolen

    The Inquisitor’s Apprentice - Moriarty

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    Level Z

    Book Title - Author

    The Princess Diaries - Cabot

    Red Scarf Girl - Jiang

    Bat 6 - Wolff

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Rowling

    The Amber Spyglass - Pullman

    Johnny Tremain - Forbes

    Among the Hidden - Haddix

    A Day No Pigs Would Die - Peck

    The Outsiders - Hinton

    Summer of My German Soldier - Greene

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Twain

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Twain

    A Wizard of Earthsea - Le Guin

    The Tombs of Atuan - Le Guin

    The Hobbit - Tolkien

    The Lord of the Rings (series) - Tolkien

    The Land - Taylor

    Little Women - Alcott

    To Kill A Mockingbird - Lee

    The Hunger Games - Collins

    Clockwork - Pullman

    Mariel of Redwall - Jacques

    Across Five Aprils - Hunt

    Daniel’s Story - Matas

    Fever 1793 - Anderson

    Nightjohn - Paulsen

    A Part of the Sky - Peck

    Black Boy - Wright

    Make Lemonade - Wolff

    The Betrayal of Maggie Blair - Laird

    Crazy - Nolan

    Runner - Deuker

    A Summer of Kings - Nolan

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