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    Breakfast Prices

    Elementary School: 2.00

    Middle School: 2.00

    Reduced Price: 0.00

    Adult: 3.25

    Lunch Prices

    Elementary School: 3.00

    Middle School: 3.25

    Reduced Price: 0.00

    Adult: 4.75


    Seattle Public Schools Lunch Menu 


    Payment Methods: Cash, Checks (Written to Nutrition Services) or on-line payments through PayPams. If you have any questions or comments regarding the menus or the meal service at school, you can contact Nutrition services as follows:

    Contact: Nutrition Services ( or by phone at: 206-252 0675

    The form to request free or Reduced meals may be accessed here. NOTE: a new application is due every school year.

    For more information about the school lunch program, please go to the Districts Website section for Nutrition Services