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    School Counseling Services at Coe

    Please visit our new Counseling Website to access free resources for parents and kids! Updates are posted weekly at the: Cpe Counseling Corner Website

    The School Counselor at Coe Elementary works to nurture students and provide for them the necessary academic and life skills that will prepare them for successful citizenship at school and beyond. Counseling support is an essential part of education for students at all grade levels.

    The counseling department helps to support the social and emotional well being for all students at Coe. School counselors provide support by collaborating with educators, families, and the community to maximize every student’s potential. The counselor is committed to promoting a safe, welcoming environment where academics and healthy relationships are nurtured to promote lifelong learning and global citizenship.

    Counseling Program Goals

    1. To reduce barriers to academic success by working to eliminate factors which may be getting in way of learning and creativity (hunger, clothing, changes at home, or unhealthy relationships). 
    2. To provide social and emotional support by helping students develop social competencies through one on one counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons.

    Basic Services

    1. Classroom Guidance Lessons: to help students work on skill development, communication, problem solving, bullying, friendship, emotion management and more.
    2. Small Group Counseling: to expand, enrich, and reinforce specific skills in areas such as social skills, emotion management, divorce support, and school success.
    3. Individual Counseling: to address specific needs of individuals who may need additional support or be in crisis.

    Additional Services

    • Academic Problem Solving
    • Connecting Families to Community and Mental Health Resources
    • Collaborating with Teachers
    • Collaborating with Families
    • Assisting with Student Council
    • Assisting with School Transitions
    • School-wide Anti-Bullying Efforts 


    We utilize resources and curriculum from a variety of sources including:

    • RULER 
    • Second Step
    • Mind Up
    • Sound Discipline: Positive Discipline
    • And may other books and resources!

    How to Access Services

    Anyone can access or request services for a student if concerns arise. Those who typically refer students to the counselor are:

    • Families
    • Teachers
    • Administrators
    • Specialists
    • Students (self-refer)

    How? Simply call or email with your concern.

    Want to learn more about the Role of the School Counselor? Visit our Counselor Role page

    Online & Community Resources

    Crisis Connections:
    Crisis Connections Community Resources Online (CRO) is the most up to date and comprehensive database of health and human services available for all of Washington State.

    Queen Anne Helpline:
    A local Queen Anne organization working to help prevent homelessness and stabilize the lives of neighbors in need through financial and supportive services.

    Puget Sound Adlerian Society Parenting Calendar:
    A great online resource for parenting classes, support groups, and parent education events in the local area.

    Think Before You Link:
    An internet safety resource for adults and kids. The Student section has a fun interactive way of teaching cyber safety for grades 3-8.

    Sound Discipline:
    Helps families and schools build respectful relationships with children using Positive Discipline approaches. Workshops and training available for families and educators.

    SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted:
    A resource to help families of academically advanced students meet emotional needs and challenges.

    Books that Heal:
    A bibliotherapy blog with children’s books on various topics to help address emotions, development, and life’s changes and challenges.

    Parents Helping Parents:
    A nonprofit parent-directed family resource that provides guidance, support, and services to children with special needs and their families.

    Parent Toolkit:
    Parent Toolkit is a one-stop resource developed with parents in mind. It is produced by NBC News Education Nation and supported by Pearson. It includes information about almost every aspect of your child's development.

    Have an Emergency? Please see the sidebar for other immediate resource options.

    *This list is not a comprehensive list. This list is not endorsed by Seattle Public Schools. Please take part in research to determine what might be the best option for you and your family. If you are in search of a specific resource, please contact Meghan Kaloper directly. Thank you!





    Meghan Kaloper, MA Ed., LMHCA, NCC
    (206) 252-2002 Ext. 1
    Room 101E
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 

    Why might families contact the counselor?

    There are many common challenges that students experience as they make their way through elementary school. Our counseling program aims to assist with these issues and to alleviate the struggle that kids undergo. We believe that when people feel better, they do better! The following are some reasons families might contact the counselor:

    • Difficulty making friends
    • New to Coe Elementary
    • Academic concerns
    • Family changes (moving, death, divorce, etc.)
    • Home stress
    • Parenting
    • Bullying
    • Resources or referrals to community agencies
    • To discuss special needs for your child
    • If you are homeless
    • Crisis
    • Behavior concerns

    Emergency Contacts:

    If you are in need of help and it is after school hours, please use the following resources:

    Crisis Line: 206-461-3222

    Child Protective/Family Reconciliation Services:

    Day: 1-800-609-8764
    Night: 1-800-562-5624

    Other Types of Assistance Such as Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Healthcare:

    Dial: 211 or 206-461-3200

    Police Department Emergency: Dial 911