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    The Resource Room program at Coe is designed to support students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). A student qualifies for Special Education based on an evaluation completed by the school psychologist which identifies areas where a student may need support. This evaluation is used to develop an IEP with specific goals for specially designed instruction. The resource teachers may provide instruction in the areas of math, reading, writing, study skills, and social skills. These services are often implemented within the general education classroom as well as in small groups in the Resource Rooms.

    Our resource teachers believe in supporting all students at their instructional level. They advocate for students rights in the general education classroom and collaborate with all teachers to ensure their success throughout the school. Working with families is an important part of developing an IEP and setting goals for each student. The resource teachers at Coe work as a team with families to create a plan that meets the needs of each student.

    In the resource room, students are encouraged to take risks while feeling safe and appropriately challenged. This environment helps build confidence and self-esteem. Our students set their own goals and learn how to self-reflect in order to celebrate their success and progress.

    Contact Information:

    Cindy Ege, Resource Teacher

    Sarah Epperson, Resource Teacher

    Bente Fernandi,  Resource Teacher

    Victoria Humphrey, Instructional Assistant

    Shawn Perkins, Long Term Substitute Instructional Assistant