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    Welcome to Coe's PTA!

    We welcome you to this wonderful elementary school and look forward to serving your needs for the coming year. Please look around your school and you will see why we as parents are so happy to have our children here. We have great teachers and a compassionate staff. Our school is committed to providing the best possible education for all our kids. We are also confident in the opportunity for our children to grow and develop personally as they advance to middle school.

    Your PTA is part of the larger district and national group of PTA memberships. At Coe, we are a family of parents. We believe that as a group, we can provide more for our children than any of us can provide individually. We pride ourselves on sponsoring programs that benefit our entire student body. Did you know

    • that the Coe PTA pays $240,000 annually to the Seattle School District for Teacher Salaries? Without this funding we would not have our Reading Specialists, our ALO teachers or our school Counselor. We would only have half of our Librarian and our Tech specialist and much less of our Performing Arts teacher and our Visual Arts teacher.
    • that the PTA funds $500 per classroom to be used at the discretion of every teacher? And $500 per grade level to fund grade level specific curriculum and programs.
    • that PTA funds support the Library, PE department, the Performing Arts and Visual Arts departments, the Science Fair, Young Author’s Week and Multi-Cultural activities?

    We could not have such a vibrant and successful PTA without YOU! Come out, get involved, and connect with the school and your kids. Looking forward to seeing you this year.

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