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    Typing Skills Practice

    Students in Grades 2-5 are given a username and password for
    the web site  This is a free site that students can log on to
    and practice their keyboarding skills. 
    Research indicates that student keyboarding skills improve when they practice for at least 10 minutes twice per week. If possible, please allow your child to access for 10 minutes two times per week. This is a guideline, not a requirement. Please contact your child’s teacher if your child does not have access to a computer at home. The classroom teacher can make arrangements for your child to come early or stay late to use school computers or the computer lab. - Classroom teachers may allow time during the school day for students to practice. However, given that classroom time is already packed with curriculum and instruction, access to will vary by teacher. - Although games are available, students should complete typing lessons first, before playing any typing  games. The adjusted word per minute goals are: 2ndgrade =12 wpm3rd grade = 15 wpm; 4th grade = 20 wpm; 5th grade = 25 wpm.  Students who master the keyboard will find it easier to take the  SBA test later in the school year.