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    Singapore math workbooks for students skipping a grade of math:

    You will want to order the workbook for the grade your child is skipping.

    Grade 1 Singapore Math

    Grade 2 Singapore Math

    Grade 3 Singapore Math

    Grade 4 Singapore Math

    Grade 5 Singapore Math


    Coe's Math Model:

    The number of students qualifying for advanced learning continues to be a large percentage of Coe’s overall enrollment.  Our math model has to flex to accommodate all our students who qualify for year ahead math. We serve about 31% of our grade 1- 5 students in our year ahead math classes.   We want to be sure we are providing this opportunity to all students (regardless of district designation) if they demonstrate the need for year ahead curriculum and instruction.  


    Reminders About Year Ahead Math: 

    Newly identified students will be placed in year ahead math based on their demonstrated skill level, not solely on their Advanced Learning designation.  Why?  Some students with district AL designation are not ready for year ahead math while some students are quite ready for year ahead math, however lack district identification.  We want to increase accessibility to year ahead math for students who are ready, regardless of district Advanced Learning designation. We want to ensure students don’t have math concept gaps.  If a student is not placed in year ahead math, there is NOT a change to the student’s district Advanced Learning designation.  Additionally, we want groups to be more fluid.  Example: A first grade student who is district AL identified is not ready for year ahead math based on our new criteria.  During his first grade year, he makes great strides, so the following year, he is placed in year ahead math.


    What is the criteria for a student to be placed in year ahead math?

    More than just District identified AL students may qualify for year ahead math at Coe.  The following criteria may be used to determine year ahead math eligibility:

    MAP math scores/SBA math scores

    District AL identification

    End of year math assessment

    Fall math assessment

    Classroom based assessment (e.g. curriculum unit/chapter assessments)

    Teacher input

    Commitment of parent support

    Summer year ahead workbook completion


    To be clear, not just one assessment will be the determining factor in making decisions about math placement. Multiple measures will help us make an informed decision about your child’s math placement.  If you are concerned that your child may not be assessed as being ready for year ahead math yet is district identified as an advanced learner, you will want to work with your child over the summer on year ahead math skills.

    Coe will suggest a workbook for you to purchase so that you can work with you child. The workbooks are straight forward. Answers are in the back of the workbook. 

    The link to purchase practice workbooks:

    Sinapore Math Website.  You want to purchase the grade level workbook that your child will be skipping.