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    Coe's Visual Arts program:      Online activities during school closure
    Encourages artistic and aesthetic growth through exploration and observationPromotes confidence in creativity and originality
    Uses a variety of art media to express and communicate
    Uses the creative process to solve problems
    Supports understanding and use of art elements, concepts, and vocabulary
    Responds, interprets, and reflects on artistic works
    Appreciates the enjoyment of the artistic process
    Explores the world of art history and cultural art
    Relates artistic ideas and work with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding

    The art room is located on the 3rd floor East


    In addition to the classroom curriculum, Coe also offers various enrichment opportunities in visual arts. 


    Coe hosts the Northwest Art Project. This opportunity brings original works of art, on loan from Junior League of Seattle, to our students, giving them the amazing opportunity to get up close and interact with works of art.


    Coe is dedicated to providing consistent and comprehensive arts education to all students. The Creative Advantage is a Seattle Public Schools arts plan that establishes partnerships with local artists to enrich student learning. We are finding opportunities to bring artists in residence to work with students to enhance engagement by integrating arts with other core content in their classrooms. 


    The visual arts teacher also offers a rotating schedule of after-school art programs for students focusing on painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, and more.