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    Coe Elementary has a large number of students who test and qualify for Advanced Learning or Highly Capable services each year, with the vast majority of those students choosing to remain at Coe. To meet the needs of these students, the staff at Coe is committed to an Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO) program which reinforces their current differentiated teaching model. Throughout Coe classrooms the needs of the high achievers are intentionally identified and met through the design of instruction, which includes rigor and challenge. Classroom teachers provide differential learning opportunities in all areas.

    In addition to the focus on differentiated instruction, Coe offers two programs aimed at advanced learners:

    Coe’s ALO literacy program provides additional challenge in the areas of reading, writing, research and communication in a small group setting outside of the regular classroom. Students meet with their academic peers on a weekly basis to work toward mastery of literacy standards beyond their current grade level. Working both independently and collaboratively, students will strengthen their reading and writing muscles with a variety of activities, including tackling complex text, conducting research, engaging in discussion, writing and presenting to an audience.

    The teacher for our ALO program is Amy Fleisher:

    Coe’s Advanced math program (New Model for 2018-19) includes daily pull-out, year ahead classes in grades 1 and 2. Coe's primary math specialist is Kristen Wagler: Advanced math classes are held at the same time as the regular classroom math period.

    In grades 3-5 students participate in the “Walk to Math” model. Qualified students walk to a classroom to be taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade math curriculums, respectively. We also plan on having math teacher Mark Taylor ( Visit for intensive week long math residencies. In third grade the class will examine various iterative procedures in number theory. In fourth grade, the class will explore aspects of square numbers, irrational numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem. In 5th Grade, students will study alternative base number theory and unusual applications of fractions and decimals.

    As part of its Advanced Learning program, Coe also has the following after school enrichment opportunities: Coe’s Math Club, Debate Club, Robotics Club, and World Languages programs. Coe’s Math Olympiad team meets weekly. Math Olympiad highlights more complex problem-solving techniques and features periodic tests given nation-wide.

    Coe students who participate in the Advanced Learning program are district identified through district testing and are designated as “Spectrum/Advanced Learner” or “Highly Capable”. Coe’s staff will continuously assess the Advanced Learning Option program. In addition, as the Seattle School District’s math and literacy standards change or are updated, the Advanced Learning teaching staff will identify the best ways to update its curricula to adapt to the new standards. District Advanced Learning website: