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    Coe offers tours during the District’s “touring season” in January and February. 

    Because the Seattle economy is booming and Queen Anne is an desirable neighborhood, the principal typically receives weekly requests for tours.  Tours will be scheduled (beyond January/February) only  for  families who  have students who are enrolled and who have proof of residence in the Coe attendance area.  Coe does hold a Meet and Greet each August for kindergarten families and families new to Coe.



    Kindergartners will find a caring and nurturing with an appropriate balance between academics and hands-on exploration.

    At Coe our kindergarten program is:

    • Full day program, half day option is available.  If interested, please contact principal.
    • A hands-on curriculum including visual arts, health and fitness, science, math, performing arts, technology, problem solving and social skill development.
    • Student centered activity stations
    • Reading Buddy program that pairs primary students with intermediate students to support reading growth
    • School Tours