Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an integrated arts class covering Music, Dance, and Theatre. It is taught in a studio space (room 208) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays by Krista Carreiro. All Coe students attend an average of once a week for a 40 minute class. Often the three arts disciplines are integrated into a thematic lesson but sometimes the focus is on a particular concept, skill, or technique from one art form.

Students create, perform and respond during class. For instance, they might choreograph a short dance in a small group. They would then rehearse the dance, reflect on their work, and revise it based on their reflection. This refines the work and gives them practice in the creative process. Through this type of activity they also strengthen their communication and cooperation skills.

In addition to the classes that are offered as part of the school day, our Performing Arts teacher works with our PTA to provide two extracurricular activities: The Coe Chorus and The Coe Musical Theatre Club.

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